Fugitive Pieces: A Novel [Anne Michaels] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A New York Times Notable Book of the Year Winner of the. Searing the mind with stunning images while seducing with radiant prose, this brilliant first novel is a story of damaged lives and the indestructibility of the human. 22 May The story that Fugitive Pieces sets out to tell is easy to turn into a summary. A prefatory note tells us that, just before his death, a poet called.

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Unbound Worlds Exploring the science fiction and fantasy universe. Actually, it made me ugly-cry.

View all 17 comments. View all 47 comments. It was to direct fugitie course of our lives” [33]. One astonishing literary miracle; and one grand stupidity on my part as I’ve had this book, unread, since July 10, ! After rescuing Jakob, they hide on a Greek island, that despite Nazi surveillance, does not yield the Nazis a single hidden Jew.

Anne Michaels FUGITIVE PIECES | Shahla FA –

I listened to these dark shapes as if they were black spaces in music, a musician learning the silences of a piece. We are experiencing technical difficulties. The language and form of the novel reminded me somewhat of an epic poem; however the writing is clearly a narrative, although a touch fragmented as a diary and written as if a memoir.

He becomes a poet, a husband, but he never settles comfortably into the vugitive ravines and changeable climate of his Canadian home. This is interspersed with his contemplations on life, loss, beauty, love, hatred, forgiveness, and remembrance.

Among many other honors… More about Anne Michaels. But if you escape your fate, whose life do you then step into? What more is there to say?


Fugitive Pieces

Jakob dwells constantly on his memories of Bella, especially her piano-playing, and they end up divorcing. Alex is a fast-paced, outspokenly philosophical master of wordplay. The mourning child flees and is miraculously rescued by Athos Roussos, a Greek geologist. High praise; annw not sure I agree, but it is a powerful and moving story and the language is sublime. We crush the grass under our feet, but new one will always grow.

When we have lost someone we truly love, we cannot escape from the memories of them. I shoved it into my mouth, hungry for it. Not understanding the meaning of this, he feels she is beckoning him to join her.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Filled with mysterious symmetries and rendered in heart-stopping prose, Fugitive Pieces is a triumphant work, a book that should not so much be read as it should be surrendered to. Feb 07, Jeanette “Astute Crabbist” rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: I felt that these sections compromised any plot or character development so that I did not care much about them.

Athos secretly takes him to Zakynthos in Greece. Included in those were the pictures of her parents. Both the novel’s narrators rummage peces the past. But I’m sure Michaels did that for a very good reason, I just felt a little bereft when the first character went into the background. On the one hand the prose is so dense and rich, poetic and downright stunning. We then follow Jakob michels his loves and losses as he is never able to move away from the past.

Guardian book club: Memories of war

Jun 08, Paul rated it really liked it. Bits of Jakob’s memory of his life before the Nazi invasion are intertwined with his current life under the care of Athos. We change and our memories change. It felt disjointed and confusing. For the first pages, the narrator is Jakob Beer. I have given this book 4 stars only because of the slightly disjointed feeling I had with the change in narrator in the last third of the book. As if Michaels is more concerned with proving to us how beautifully she can write sentences than any of the more rudimentary disciplines of the novelist.

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Without him, these particular “fugitive pieces” would have remained unread. But it is not just the incomplete comprehension of a child that the narration mimics. If sound waves carry on to infinity, where are their screams now?

We would both have answered differently” []. Please try again later. Through the experience of profound love, Jakob eventually transcends the tragedies of his youth; but his spirit remains forever linked with that of his lost sister. The moment I failed to see Bella had disappeared. However, if you enjoy encountering profound little pockets of prose to be read slowly and savored and then re-read, you’ll love this book the way I do.

Anne Michaels was first a poet. Stay in Touch Sign up. Jan 19, Petra rated it really liked it Shelves: This is a reflection on love and loss in the context of the holocaust and those who survived. You recognize the one whose loss, even contemplated, you’ll carry forever, like a sleeping child.

I very slowly made my way through this book.