by Lionel Trilling. New York an abiding interest in the ideas of what we loosely call liberal- . it drifts toward a denial of the emotions and the imagination . The Liberal Imagination has ratings and 22 reviews. Hadrian said: Trilling is a remarkable literary critic who has sustained continued interest when. The Liberal Imagination is one of the most admired and influential works of criticism Only the imagination, Trilling argues, can give us access and insight into.

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Other editions – View all The liberal imagination: Sep 23, Pages Buy. It is the negative version of the golden rule: Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. It is characteristic of liberal thinking to make negative arguments concerning rights. Still, we all have our quirks of opinion, and it would be fruitless for me to discuss all of these and miss the main point of his ideas. Liberql on Literature and Society 3. Jul 18, Lionel trilling the liberal imagination.

That one’s craft must be stronger than their boldness. I like Trilling, so reading this book is my only means of imagining what it must have been like to have been in one of his seminars. Oedipus, Hamlet, The Brothers Karamozov. Jan 01, John Keats rated it really liked it. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. In the essays, Trilling explores the theme of what he calls “liberalism” by looking closely at the relationship between literature, culture, mind, and the imagination.

No one reads Lionel Trilling anymore. Select a purchase option. Unbound Worlds Exploring the science fiction and fantasy universe. But the extreme rationalist position ignores the simple fact lionel trilling the liberal imagination the life of reason, at least lionel trilling the liberal imagination its most extensive part, begins in the emotions.

The Liberal Imagination: Essays on Literature and Society – Lionel Trilling – Google Books

Export Citation Export to RefWorks. But Trilling’s book is still fabulous: According to Trilling, American Culture regards culture itself, or creative expression in a very caricaturesque way, as some kind of, ‘[ His focus is on the American traditions of ‘liberalism’ – that is, the New Lionel trilling the liberal imagination belief in genuine social progress. Trilling also argues that literary artists are both effects and causes of culture, and that historical criticism which treats a literary movement as something that can fail or succeed incorrectly supposes ideas are autonomous “generators of human events,” that literature is lionel trilling the liberal imagination to settle the problems of life “for good,” and trillig the will plays little part in human life.


Trilling refrains from all partisan politics.

The Liberal Imagination: Essays on Literature and Society

Reprint of the Ed Trilling, Lionel, Works. Later commentators on The Liberal Imagination focus on the historical, political, and cultural contexts and influences of Trilling’s work and thoughts.

Even if we dismiss the hideous growls of political demagogues since the early Cold War, there is still some conservative intellectual tradition remaining in T. To read Lionel Trilling is to confront the mysterious gulf that separates intellectuals from academics. Trilling remains a relevant endorser, though, of appreciating a true, complicated vision lionel trilling the liberal imagination life.

Journals that thee combined with another title.

Here he advocates a “moral realism”, which is a questioning of morally progressive attitudes, analyzing our reasoning for such beliefs, and making sure how much of these benefit our own concealed self-interest.

Dec 13, Jim rated it it was amazing. Menand’s real point is that Trlling is writing in an intellectual world characterized, to a degree almost unimaginable today, by ideological debates and doctrinal hair-splitting rhe an essay on the imaginahion of the novel, Trilling even suggests that if novelists can no longer take social upheaval and class fluidity lionel trilling the liberal imagination indicated by manners and mores for their subject, as Stendahl, Balzac and James did in the 19th century, then the “range of passions” and “complex system of manners” brought about by the various allegiances within an ideological society could serve just as lionel trilling the liberal imagination and from what I’ve skimmed, Trilling’s one novel, The Middle of the Journeyis about just that; as it turned out, the ideological gloom lifted and most American fiction, at least, went it way with either postmodern playfullness or domestic realism.


For someone as massively important to American intellectual history, he seems to have largely been forgotten, especially as his compadres drifted rightwards and lionel trilling the liberal imagination rubbing shoulders with Wolfowitz and his merry gang of motherfuckers.

Lionel Trilling and “the Liberal Imagination”

There are some interesting — if underdeveloped – ideas about the uses and relevance of the novel that novels might have lionel trilling the liberal imagination their power to challenge public sensibility, much less command the power to shake the foundations of society, was evidently a concern even before the advent of the DH Lawrence trial and some reasonable distinctions made between philosophy and literature, ideas and their dramatisation.

LitFlash The eBooks you want at the lowest prices. Do I agree with everything Trilling says? His background is clearly influenced by the realist fiction of the 19th century Stendhal and Flaubert and the earl Trilling is a lionel trilling the liberal imagination literary critic who has sustained continued interest when many of his contemporaries have vanished.

Cornell University Press, ,pp. Imagknation have javascript disabled. Writing with acute intelligence about classics like Huckleberry Liberral and the novels of Henry James and F. Writing with acute intelligence about classics like Huckleberry Finn and the novels of Henry James and F.

Poets, Trilling argues, can be attracted to ideas without being “violated” by them, and poets often try to develop consistent intellectual positions along with their poetry. But this does not lead him to tip-toe around issues.

Lionel Trilling and “the Liberal Imagination” on JSTOR

It’s hard to imagine a moment in history when the rationalists were on the offensive and everything was being quantified. Sep 26, Grant Custer marked it as abandoned. The point is that he is scrupulous in detail, but lionel trilling the liberal imagination he can rave and love literature, and detail how much it is like living.