Lost Victories has ratings and 47 reviews. Steven said: If Rommel was Germany’s greatest fighting general from WWII, von Manstein was her greatest. That is what Field Marshal von Manstein suggests in his title, Lost Victories. By the summer of , after defeating France, Hitler’s Germany was master of. Manstein suffered a stroke and died in Munich on the night of 9 June Describing Mission Command, Lost Victories, The Winter Campaign In South.

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Erich von Manstein November 24— June 9served the German military as a lifelong professional soldier. Refresh and try again.

Lost Victories by Field Marshal Erich von Manstein

In that sense, the book has an exception historical value. Von Manstein goes into detail about the political reasoning behind the decision victofies invade the country and why the German troops were so successful.

Inhistorian Volker Berghahn called Manstein’s memoirs “totally unreliable”; if more had been known about his war crimes during the s, he might have been hanged. Lost Victories is one of a number of volumes written by members of the German Army in the late ‘s and early ‘s.

Field Marshal Erich von Manstein was probably the best operational commander the Germans produced during World War II, and possibly the best of any side; certainly he was up there with Slim, Patton, and Chuikov. Book Manstrin Tagged With: I am about half way through this book. The most sober and realistic account I’ve read.

Jan 05, Sicofonia rated it really liked it. Manstein provides his perspectives of the major wars in WWII, from the early German successes to their turning point in Russia.

He was buried with full military honors. Manstein’s book is too typical. Apr 15, Kris rated it it was amazing. He had a distinguished career and played a crucial role throughout WWII: Another WWII memoir that you may like is: Hey Etienne, been ages!

Vichories realizing how important von Manstein was, his memoires showed how it was done It took me fifty years to understand who Erich von Manstein was, an orphan adopted into a family with a Prussian military tradition and with his new grandfather who had successful commanded an army, von Manstein desired to follow in those footsteps.


The things Manstein leaves out of Lost Victories are as important as the things he discusses, and lead one to search out other sources to fill in the lacunae. Or perhaps he victoreis writes to what an audience probably wants to hear? Showing great mansein flexibility and creativity, Manstein dealt with these threats kanstein then refocused efforts on Sevastopol, which fell to the Germans in July And for Manstein it was almost always him trying to change Hitlers mind and only occasionally succeeding.

Lost Victories – Wikipedia

Manstein describes his interactions with Hitler, and analyzes Hitler’s weaknesses as a military commander, in some depth on several occasions in the last few hundred pages of the book. As a student of second world war for last 15 years, I felt this autobiography gives a detail account of vidtories a dictatorial whim of an incompetent political leadership plagued by greed and lust of power led to serious strategic blunders that ultimately cost Wehrmacht the war.

I also wondered if the German general of the sixth mansteln was a closet communist and deliberately took actions that led to the capture of the sixth army. But the meatiest part of the book, pages, describes his view on the war on the Eastern front.

Lost Victories: The War Memoirs of Hitler’s Most Brilliant General by Erich von Manstein

Overall, if one overlooks the occasional repetitiveness, and somewhat clunky writing, this is a must read for whoever interested in the WWII history.

He provides strategic thinking on the course of the war and the options available to the Germans, insights into Hitler’s management of the war, great tactical insight into the losr on his portion of the Eastern front. In this case, the memoir of V. Views Read Edit View history.

Sorry manstsin loosing touch. He defends the infamous “Commissar Order” by stating ‘On the contrary, they were – without being soldiers – fanatical fighters, but fighters whose activities could only be regarded as illegal according to the traditional meaning of warfare’.

He never was a Nazi, just a German soldier dedicated to his country who gave his best and lost his son in efforts for his country and fellow soldiers. It was originally fictories in in German and the edition that I just victoories dates to June 8, at 2: On the one hand the Polish temperament was more disposed towards attack than defence The field marshal was one of the best strategist the Wehrmacht produced.


Many historians have called Verlorene Siege unreliable and apologetic. I had heard of the German tank commander from reading other historical accounts of things during WWII.

That part was very, very interesting.

His accounts of the various actions he was involved in during the War are excellent and his views on Hitler and German strategy make this a great book.

Manstein was convicted of mistreating prisoners after WWII but was not sentenced to death. Much talk about how the airlift to troops at Stalingrad failed, Manstein details how many pounds of cargo the German planes could carry. Sign up for updates on new books and videos from Wim! As a result of the foolish attempt to take the major city of Stalingrad and drive into the Caucasus to take the oil fields there, the Germans in the south were badly overextended, and forced to rely on the sub-standard armies of their allies the Italians, Rumanians, and Hungarians.

This appeared by the way, not in the main body of the text, but in a footnote. This would be of particular intellectual interests for those who have some knowledge about the background and how these event turned out historically. Likely Germany’s most intelligent general.

An early English-language edition of Lost Mantein. Not a word about the extermination squads, the wholesale round-ups of the people for the concentration camps, etc. Jan 12, Damien Angelet rated it did not like it.

He does not describe how he finished the war, or how he escaped the frequently fatal chaos of the final days of the Reich. While there is certainly a great deal of truth in the idea that Hitler kept his generals compartmentalized there is also strong evidence that on the whole they know more than they cared to admit.