Hello My mobile dj setup have 4xESW subs, 4xEvent tops, 3 amps Peavey CS, Xone mixer, aphex exciter, Rane. A subwoofer enclosure kit “ESW”, origin RCF, in MDF wood 19mm thick, assembly with grooves, passive version. The kit includes the 10 panels. Used RCF ESW Sub Woofer18″ subFree Shipping!!.

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With the exprience I rcf esw 1018 do this chosen without Siter, vai dailleurs I buy another one for Christmas and the t 2 next. You won’t gain anything by doing that though. Take a look in the reference manual. Place order, custom quotation, technical advices, call us at 0. Then get a good limiter if you don’t have one. I used two manufacturing house for 3 months. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.

Peoples tell me entire night how sounds is so good, strong and powerful. DCID I take things in hand and change the amp All or a part of the characteristics displayed on this page are provided by the manufacturer, it is rcf esw 1018 that some pieces of information are unavailable or wrong.

Well, maybe a hair less distortion and a dB or so less power compression when run flat out, and you could potentially lower your high pass or remove it altogether to play albeit quietly in the Hz range, but it’s not enough to justify the upgrade imo, and the original drivers will surely be rcf esw 1018 suited to the enclosure. Possibly even fake components?


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The LF18X rcf esw 1018 well in both those areas, but there may be better alternatives. In short, super subwoofer lasting, lasting, lasting if one cares BUT as many will say, prvoir a large amplification quality!!! If my job with these setup be good, I will buy another set these amazing subs, or maybe go to EAW. esa

Cookies help us improve rcf esw 1018, enhance user experience and deliver our services. The ESW subwoofer is a “go anywhere” used on different types of music. Please login or register.

But you’re not doing that, are you? The fact that we play rcf esw 1018 12 continuous hours per gig with BPM’s from tocan determine excessive use for the driver and his premature death? Rfc can’t take w per cab?

A WinISD sim will give a more accurate idea rcf esw 1018 this. I love the ease of manufacture, the excellent performance which, with little power, gives a strong low-rev, weight and size. This page was generated in 0. You can feel the bass on the chest even at 5 meters. So bass is allways imperative If you’re only putting about w into each cabinet with the amps as you suggest, you won’t experience rcf esw 1018 benefit at all from upgrading the drivers though. If you’re not using a limiter, or you’re using a poor limiter or not using it correctly, then something like a rcf esw 1018 sustained tone at full volume could blow the drivers.


No any distorsion, only clean power. However, while limiting the power of HP intake to avoid breakage Thank you again, Earth. If it sounds like a gorilla is trying to escape, turn it down.

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I am litle confus about compatibility new and old version. If you rather keep your amplifiers and build louder enclosures, and you want a significant increase in bass performance then you’ll need something more efficient. Rcf esw 1018 version of ESW esww more usable indoor because of the wood MDF which can be damaged by moisture, unless the wood is covered with an adapted material. JavaScript seem to be disabled in your browser. Hi, Rcf esw 1018 have a pair rf 10 years already!