TRGS Technical Rule for Hazardous Substances – demolition, renovation and maintenance concerning asbestos. Alfa Big-Bag ASBESTOS coated PE transport bag (SWL: kg) according to TRGS for disposal and transportation of problematic substances such as. Buy TRGS Asbestos: Demolition, Reconstruction Or Maintenance Work from SAI Global.

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Asbestos possesses a high heat and acid resistance and good insulating properties.

921 Alfa Big-Bag ASBESTOS (according to TRGS 519)

Insertion of pipeline sheathing. Samples are analysed with state-of-the -art technology. Whoever takes part in it is able to detect, whether the required work with asbestos or materials containing asbestos is performed, and how extreme the danger will be. Scope of the Certificate of Competence TRGS A construction site which shows proven construction material containing asbestos may only be entered by a person with the required expertise.

FEM model updating and optimisation.

The carcinogenic mineral natural fiber can still be found in many old buildings. TA Luftpara 5. Occupational Safety and Health.


Dynamic stiffness of elastic elements. Advantages of Sustainable Building. Characteristics of Asbestos Asbestos possesses a high heat and acid resistance and good insulating properties. Strategic environmental impact assessments. This depends on the type and the designation as well as the mechanical condition of the materials containing asbestos.

Active magnetic field compensation.

Certificate of Competence TRGS 519

For other pollutants different certificates are necessary. The results determine information about the amount of the pollutant, duration and extent of the exposure, and the required working conditions. In the past, the demolition of sprayed asbestos and trfs weakly bound asbestos products was paramount in asbestos-related building refurbishment programs.

Legally compliant business organization. The certificate of competence according to TRGS guarantees the protection of construction workers, who encounter asbestos and materials containing asbestos.

Measurements of room accoustics. Building acoustics and noise control.

Our Competences at Kling Consult

Noise and vibration protection. Line of sight analysis. In the past, the mineral natural fiber was predominantly used as fire control, gunning material, heat protection clothing, and brake linings.


Certificaton of test tracks according to ISO Dynamic stiffness of impact sound insulation. Emission and immission forecast. The certificate exclusively applies for working with asbestos. Finally, the authorized expert in accordance to the certificate of competence according to TRGS is responsible for preparing a working plan with corresponding safety measures.

Alfa Big-Bag ASBESTOS (according to TRGS )

Insertion loss of silencers. So-far unnoticed asbestos applications are now in the focus of interest, just as the fact that asbestos has been found in further building materials — be it direct material or indirect in particular it was found in filling material, stippling glaze and in tile adhesive for walls and ceilings. Check of combustion conditions. German Sustainable Building Council auditor. The most important one is the certificate of competence according to TRGSannex 3.

Thermal and moisture protection.